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Healthcare Technology Advisor, Business Innovation Strategist

Global Advocate & Speaker, Media Host

Shaillee is a healthcare technology strategist by trade. With over 25+ years of experience in global digital healthcare and analytics space wherein she has held various operational roles such as Chief Data Officer, Chief Global Strategist, Global lead for digital health and transformative care. She specializes in developing and activating innovative digital solutions that facilitate connected communities for health, generating measurable value and creating performance excellence. She currently runs a healthcare strategy firm based out of U.S.A.

Shaillee has proven track record to help multinational organizations in developing strategic plans that leverage digital health innovations (including but not limited to automating care pathways for women’s health, mental health, community health and engagement in global markets; integrating artificial intelligence, blockchain driven and medical device integrated health ecosystems that create broad outreach and captures market share that is in accessible while generating positive ROI against investments) to create market advantage, activate tangible impact. Through her experience in global markets, she is adept at factoring in social, economic, cultural and political/policy impact on health care pathways that must be planned for in the strategy and activation framework. She has designed and led many multi layered governance structures that engage stakeholders in decision making, monitoring and execution of actionable healthcare strategies.

Shaillee is also a fierce advocate of mental health and wellbeing. She believes that this silent epidemic of our modern society has gaps in adequate focus/funding and innovation due to stigma and lack of resources. Through global advocacy on digital platforms and via speaking opportunities, Shaillee endeavors to highlight programs and organization that are putting in place programs that tackle normalizing the conversation, elevating focus, leveraging innovation and creating widespread access to coping and treatment so we can make tangible IMPACT. She is producer and host of web series on mental health awareness and service projects in underserved communities around the world.

She also serves as a Senator for USA at Global Congress hosted by World Business Angel Forum (WBAF), an affiliate of G20 Financial inclusion program, collaborating with other world leaders in creating programs that promote and provide access to angel investment for businesses aiming for social impact and social equity. Shaillee chairs the global startup and innovation committee at WBAF.

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