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Managing Director of Mobility Agency, City of Vienna

Martin Blum lives and works in Vienna. He is the city’s representative for cycling matters and managing director of Mobility Agency Vienna, a company owned by the City of Vienna.
The former head of policy at an Austrian NGO for sustainable tranport has experience with mobility and communication issues for years. After advising decision-makers in transport policy Blum became representative for cycling matters of the city of Vienna in 2011. He is face and spokesperson for cycling politics in the city of Vienna.
The Mobility Agency Vienna was founded in 2011 to promote cycling and walking, with campaigns, awareness-raising, services and innovative projects. As an intermediary between citizens, the administration and politicians, the Agency works to make walking and cycling in the city easier, more comfortable and safer.
In 2017 he brought European Cycle Logistics Conference to Vienna and developed a public cargo bike funding for the City of Vienna. Other projects (exemplary): the „year of cycling 2013“ placed emphasis on cycling in the City of Viennas communication for the first time; the survey “bicycle report” is published every two years since 2012; establishing of bicycle counting points and public bicycle pumps; holding cycling workshops for children and migrants; a number of pilot projects, e. g. implementing mobility management for children and families in Vienna, creating and providing mobility boxes used for teaching in kindergarten.

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