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Head of the Department for Urban Mobility at Secretariat for Transport, City of Belgrade

Ognjen Petar Todorović lives and works in Belgrade.

He graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at the University of Belgrade in 2006 as one of the best students in his generation.

After eleven years (2006-2017) of experience in traffic planning and participation in many major urban transport projects, he becomes head of the newly established department for urban mobility at Secretariat for Transport. The department is responsible for planning and developing the cycling infrastructure network, launching the bike-share project in Belgrade, European mobility week, car-free day, campaigns and awareness-raising.
He is credited for initiating the development of a Belgrade’s Sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP), which is currently in the third phase of development.

He is one of the co-authors of the project “Cycle Belgrade”, which defines the directions of development of bicycle traffic in Belgrade.

His professional goal is to redefine the hierarchy of traffic, so that pedestrians and cyclists have priority, also to raise awareness of environmental protection, through the development of green modes of to the hierarchy of

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