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Traffic & Transportation Engineer

Zoran Rubinjoni is traffic and transportation engineer with 40 years of
experience, specialised in urban and traffic planning and design (metro,
rail, bicycle and pedestrian planning and design).
Senior partner in CEP (Center for Urban Development Planning),
He has significant experience as Team Leader in Regional plan for Coastal
Zone of Montenegro and many urban and traffic plans in Serbia,
Montenegro and the region. Belgrade City Secretary for Transport (2000
to 2013). Executive Project Director in Belgrade Land Development
Public Agency (Ada Bridge Project, Belgrade Metro Project and Inner City
Semi Ring Road Project, Master Plan of Belgrade and Sustainable Urban
Mobility Plan). He was responsible for construction of Ada Bridge and the
approach roads on behalf of the City of Belgrade (EBRD project, 500 mil.
Member of several expert groups and committees appointed to troubleshoot
Railway Station in Belgrade and for construction of Belgrade Metro System.
Presently, Zoran is leading the team for SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility
Plan) for the City of Belgrade.

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