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Dominic Weiss

Political Science | Austria | Smart City Strategy

Dominic Weiss

Head of the Smart City Vienna Agency Vienna, Austria

Dominic Weiss received his Master Degree in Political Science and European Studies from the University of Vienna in 2007. From 2006 on Dominic Weiss worked for the European department of the Vienna Business Agency in Vienna and Brussels, responsible for EU-funding and strategy. In his function as an EU expert he was involved in numerous transnational programs dealing with IT-solutions, environmental technologies and energy efficient sources. Since 2013 Dominic Weiss is leading the Smart City Vienna Agency of the City of Vienna which is based at Urban Innovation Vienna, a strategically orientated department owned 100% by the City of Vienna. In this position he is responsible for the coordination and management of the Smart City and Digital City agenda of the City of Vienna. Previously he was extensively involved in developing the smart city strategy of the city. His main area of interest is the research and development of multidisciplinary urban systems, where social inclusion, active stakeholder management, technology and creativity play an important role in shaping our cities of today and tomorrow.

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