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Kenan Kurtović

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Kenan Kurtović

Managing Director at GDi Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kenan is successfully managing GDi Sarajevo, a part of Vienna based GDi Group, leading CEE company specialized in the spatial solutions with the main focus on products on intelligent assets, intelligent operations, intelligent resources, smart data and smart platforms, with more than 30 years of experience at the regional market.

Working within GDi for more than 20 years, Kenan worked on many significant and essential projects, implementing solutions in wide range of companies and organizations, whose diversity resulted with a scope of different methods, tools and goals in implementation, making a new challenge each time. Assignments were in the range from government, to utility companies, private and public enterprises, where spatial solutions are used for web-based applications. Started as a specialist, and then growing up within complex and challenging, but interesting environment, to Consultant level, Kenan had opportunity to lead quite a number of strategic projects in GDi and manage various teams in areas of operations support systems, smart portals, system integration, infrastructure and digital development.

Today, in time of emerging need for smart city and digital infrastructure solutions, Kenan with his extensive experience leads GDi Sarajevo towards developing modern, effective, efficient Digital Governance and delivery of people-centered e-services, namely, among the other projects, establishing Digital platform of Canton Sarajevo.

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