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Milan Trivić

Governance | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Journalizm

Milan Trivić

Deputy mayor of the City of Sarajevo

Milan Trivic is a journalist and the very first generation graduate of Sarajevo University, BiH. Milan has worked in all forms of media. He started as a volunteer and progressed to roles of reporter, editor, producer, director and later on, an executive and Director General of BHT1 as well as BH Radio 1. While living in London, UK, he was running London TV International Ltd – an independent television production outfit. Milan has worked for numerous international media outlets. He was part of the BBC BAFTA award winning team which produced the seminal documentary series „The Death of Yugoslavia“. He has also taught at Sarajevo school of journalism „Media Plan“ and has mentored a number of young journalists. Milan's work has won numerous awards including the European Film Academy award for his film „Wedding in Sarajevo“. In 2017, Milan has been elected as an independent to a role of Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo.

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