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Miodrag Gluščević

Urban Development | Serbia | Innovation

Miodrag Gluščević

Programme Director at Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

Miodrag Gluščević manages the sector for urban development, environment, and communal services in the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the national association of local authorities in Serbia, a renowned organization that has been at the forefront of almost all change movement and innovation at the level of local governance.

During his career, he has collaborated with numerous international organizations, visited various development institutions in Europe and Japan, worked on projects in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable sources, climate change, and from the very beginning he has been one of the important contributors to the Smart City Initiative, and the festival in Belgrade.

An engineer by professional background who found himself surrounded by and working with political scientists and lawyers for the past 18 years manages to connect technical thinking with social processes which enables him to have an out-of-the-box perspective of the role of local government in the modern society.

Such a set of skills and experience puts him into a position to start and lead a discussion on alternative solutions and approaches in providing services by the governments to citizens and the businesses during and after the corona crisis.

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