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Nasiha Pozder

Urban Planning | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Smart City

Nasiha Pozder

PhD, Faculty of Architecture Sarajevo, MP at Parliamentary Assembly of FBiH

Holds PhD in Technical sciences filed Architecture and Urbanism (2013.). Subfield: Sustainable urbanism. Graduated on Architectural Faculty, University of Sarajevo in 2003. Subfield: Urban planning

Works at the Architectural Faculty, University of Sarajevo since 2004 at Urban planning and urban design Department. Coordinator at Department for Town planning at Institute for Architecture, Urbanism and Town planning.

Member of Parliament of Federation B&H since 2018., Adviser for Urban Planing in theoffice of Prime minister of Canton Sarajevo since 2019.

President of Cantonal commission for Smart City Sarajevo project 2017-2018.

Member of Sarajevo Green Design Festival 2010 – 2015. as Sub-coordinator and Coordinator of international workshops, consultant at UNDP (since 2015.), lecturer for Friedrich Naumann Foundation on Smart City (since 2013.) and Responsive City Project (since 2017.), lecturer for MH Consulting and Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs on “Capacity building, training and education services for the sector of Land Administration in the Federation B&H for 2016” (since 2016.).

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