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Maja Čonkić

Maja Čonkić

Director and owner of AXIOM International

Director and owner of **AXIOM International** Contract Research Organization, a company operating in Serbia and countries of Central and South-East Europe since 2006

  • Professional in clinical research for almost 25 years**, with additional expertise in training, regulatory and ethics, and specially in Informed Consent

  • Author of a Informed Consent short film** that explains 20 mandatory elements ([]( "smartCard-inline"))

  • Together with Dr. Boško Sremčević since 2019 **director, founder and co-owner of SremCath startup company** that develops EM-CATH innovative urinary catheter

  • Founder and first president of KLINIS Association for Advancement of Clinical Research of Serbia**, that cooperates with over 50 associations of patients and 1 association of retired persons, as well as with similar organizations in the region, Israel and EU, including European Forum for Good Clinical Practice – EFGCP

  • Member of the Steering Committee of the MedTech Europe and EFGCP Working Party** (Medical Technology Stakeholder Alliance)

  • Member of the Steering Committee of Serbian Supercluster Laboratory of Health Technologies**

  • Also, **Court Interpreter for Bulgarian Language**, and **creator of the idea and hardworking person for Slađa i Zdravko pastry shop** that makes 150 different types of cakes with no white sugar and no gluten

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