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Dario Hrebak

Dario Hrebak

Member of Croatian Parliment

Dario Hrebak is a member of the Croatian Parliament, Mayor of the City of Bjelovar and President of the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS).
He was born in Bjelovar in 1981.
After graduating from the University Study of Criminology at the Police College in Zagreb, he was employed by the Ministry of the Interior as an independent police inspector, then an officer of the Asylum Department and head of the Department for Foreigners of the Zagreb Police.
He became involved in politics in 2006 when he became a member of the HSLS, and in 2007 he was elected national president of the Young Croatian Liberals. Since 2012, he has been the vice president, and since 2019, the president of HSLS.
In 2015, he was elected to the Croatian Parliament, in 2016 he became State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, and in 2020 he was re-elected as a Member of Parliament by preferential votes.
He will take over the duty of the mayor of Bjelovar after the local elections in 2017, in which he won 64.25 percent of the votes of the citizens of Bjelovar. He won his second term in the first round of elections in 2021 with 66.86 percent of the vote.
In just a few years Dario Hrebak and the City of Bjelovar became pioneers in the digitization of local self-government in Croatia, Bjelovar is the first city in Croatia to fully and transparently open City finances to citizens and all interested parties and has fully digitized more than eighty processes in City Administration.
Under his leadership, Bjelovar became a polytechnic city. Nursing and Mechatronics are being studied in Bjelovar, and a few years ago the Study of Computer Science was founded. This is very important to because he wants Bjelovar to become an IT City.
The fastest growing IT Croatian company has opened its branch office in Bjelova. He started well-known project "Bjelovar Breakfast and Lunch" - which unites 30 local organic food producers and delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to all Bjelovar schools and kindergartens every day.
Bjelovar is the largest Croatian city without surtaxes and city taxes, known for the "tax free" model because every investment in the economy is exempt from utility contributions, utility fees, and provides city land for just 1 kuna (0,13 EUR) for entrepreneurs who come to invest in the City.
He advocates a "smaller state", lower taxes and more personal and entrepreneurial freedoms, as well as complete transparency of the administrative and financial processes of state and local government.
Dario is happily married, father of two.

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