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Open Data is freely available, easy to access, and most importantly, simple for the public to reuse in machine-readable formats.

This data, from across the city's departments and branches is available at one place - the National Open Data Portal. Anyone accessing data through the National Open Data Portal can combine that data with contextual elements, transforming raw data into useful information. Data released by the cities has the potential to be both impactful and beneficial, contributing to the livability of our cities. Open data allows for direct visibility into how decisions are made, empowers citizens and enhances the relationship between citizens and public organizations.

This year, four cities will receive the Open Data Publisher Award. These cities as a part of the PALGO smart project “Open data appear on map” opened more than 115 datasets. Thanks to the Open Data, City of Niš and City of Kragujevac became the first cities in Serbia to have public transport visible on Google maps. It is uplifting to see how the leaders of city governments are embracing Open Data to create innovating new ways to improve the lives of their citizens. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring as we are sure these cities will continue to innovate.

Open Data Publisher Award (8).png
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