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STEM early education is a workshop where children age 10 to 15 will learn about robotics, programming, entrepreneurship and all the innovative ways of learning and education.

  • 21st Century Schools

  • Kliker

  • Startapkidz


Agora stage where you can hear presentations of innovation, case studies and success stories of companies, meet organizations from this field, learn about the achievements of cities and local governments, funds and many more.


10:30 Spice Factory, Milos Žikić, CEO

10:50 4Like, Nikola Jeremić, Business Developer at CodeIT

11:10 EPSON, Tvrtko Ljubić, Account Manager for Business Products, Epson Balkan

11:30 ODI, Srđan Verbić, Data visualization

11:50 CUBE, Andrej Kravčuk, Data-driven products

12:10 MICROSOFT, Aleksandar Stojković, Digital Architect at Microsoft, Digital transformation of our Cities

12:30 UNICEF INNOVATION FUND, Vladimir Trkulja, Venture Fellow at UNICEF & Co-founder of Startit

12:50 LOGIKKA AI, Branko Kovač

13:10 EIT Climate-KIC, Project Promotion, Isabel Airas

13:30 Homnet DOO, Dragiša Durić, System Architect, Smart City Fundamentals, HomNet Vision 

13:50 Easy Park, Vladimir Džodžo, Head of the regional distribution - EasyPark Group

14:10 EXOR ETI, Dalibor Bobić, CEO

14:30 Dahua, Vladimir Dojčilović

14:50 City of Niš, examples of good practice, Open Data

15:10 City of Kragujevac, examples of good practice, Google Transit

15:30 City of Šabac, examples of good practice, energy community, and Solar City - Blockchain

15:50 Signify, Maja Pupovac, Smart Home Lighting

16:10 Smart Lightning, Aleksandar Mastilović

16:30 Strawberry Energy, Miloš Milisavljević, CEO of Strawberry Energy

16:50 Cyber avocado, Nevena Krivokapić Martinović, Dunja Tasić




14:30 - 15:30

Panel 1: Resources for sustainable urban mobility

  • How to use the data in planning biking lanes, tracks, and routes, Martin Blum

Discussion: Importance of data-driven assessment for making more sustainable mobility choices


Dušan Damjanović, Executive Director, PALGO Smart

15:30 - 16:30


Panel 2: Planning and infrastructure for sustainable urban mobility

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Belgrade – Plans & Measures, Zoran Rubinjoni

  • How to build better bicycle infrastructure – challenges and opportunities, Martin Blum

Discussion: Implementing local action plans for sustainable urban mobility


Dušan Damjanović, Executive Director, PALGO Smart

16:30 - 17:30

Panel 3: Advocating for sustainable urban mobility

Discussion: Making peer-to-peer networking a real thing; Innovative solutions in promoting urban mobility


Dušan Damjanović, Executive Director, PALGO Smart

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